Are online poker sites best?

poker indonesia

Are online poker sites best? – Are online poker sites best?

Yes, indeed the sites are best as they save a lot of your time. The site has different features and you can’t really trust any site or any game, but there are some great sites where you try your chances. One such game being Poker indonesia.

Poker indonesia

Basic Hand ranking:

  • The straight flush which can be of any sequence of the same suit like 8,7,6,5
  • Four cards of the same value which is known popularly as four of a kind.
  • The full house which means having three of a kind and a pair card.
  • Flush with all the same suit cards.
  • Straight which refers to a sequence like 6-5-4-3
  • Three of a kind with three cards having the same value
  • Two pairs for an instance 8-8 and 7-7.
  • Pair that means the same as its name with cards like 3-3
  • The high card that means if you have the highest card.

It’s very easy to remember the hand ranking. Although there are many misconceptions which go around the game for an example people feel that straight can beat flush but you should always remember that one suit has more value than a sequence. Two pairs can beat a three of a kind, but that’s a misconception too, you would definitely want three aces in your hand rather than two aces and a queen. Total card strength hardly matters but the high-value card does (a king high flush is better than a queen high flush)

Bluffing is very important and an internal part of poker game but if you are a beginner you don’t really want to place your stacks at bet if you are not sure about anything. You have to have lots of confidence if you want to bluff.

Special tactics:

There are many techniques to place your bets in the game. There are experienced players waiting to trick you with their special techniques of smart play. You might consider their small bet as weakness, enticing you to raise you with a draw or less. This may also entice you to call or raise with a card like AK that the player has been planning on folding with a larger bet on the table. Hence, this under bet play can be a viable option if you believe the opponent is weak with your card being the strongest, strong enough to build a pot on a flop.