Psychological tips to assess opponents in poker

Poker is a game where skill sets are individual oriented and many people just play for fun. Yet, it does not mean that there are few who want to really master the game and are on the constant look outs for few tips on the games. The psychology behind playing poker is a valid criterion to determine the winner and hence every player should know about this.


Offline poker body language

When you go to casino, it is possible to observe the other players around you closely. Some of the players act in a defensive manner and they handle their chips in a way to show that they are about to call or bet, because they want to prevent other player from making a bet. Similarly, few players with a vulnerable hand try to make eye contact with other players to prevent them from betting. In poker only when a person has strong hand they can smile sincerely while bluffers will face difficulty to show a sincere smile, which can be a good indicator. It is also true that bluffers will act more stiff and still after making bets than the players who really hold strong hands. Immediate calling means that the player has immediately ruled out a raise and also this signified a weak or medium strength hands rather than a strong hand. Players who bluff make immediate bets than those with strong hands. Strong hand players after betting make more eye contact because they are relaxed; bluffers make less eye contact after betting because they are anxious. There are also conditions where this is reversed by players to fool the opponents such as bluffers wanting to appear strong make more eye contacts while strong hand player makes less eye contact to appear weak.

Online specific indicators

When people play poker online with websites like situs poker, there are no chances to see the players physically. Yet, they can identify the strategy from certain factors. The sizing of bet can be an indicator where some bet hug amounts relative to pot size while bluffing to avoid calls and some with string hands bet large amounts for big payoff. When a player takes large time to act, it indicates that they have a speculative hand. Player chat options are tricky and some players mistakenly tell their hand in chats or some use the chat to encourage opponent players to call knowing their hand is not strong. Be on the lookout for clues from other players and make strategic wins.

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